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Ur en anteckningsbok. Magnificat (2012) for alto and orchestra - 2'2'2'2' 4231 12 1 1 str, pf/cel

(21 min.)

Text: Håkan Sandell, from the poetry collection "Skisser från ett århundrade" (2006).

Language: Swedish

Commissioned by Göteborgs Symfoniker (Gothenburg Symphony).

Dedicated to Anna Larsson.

Anders Eliasson in memoriam.

First performed by Anna Larsson and Gothenburg Symphony, cond. David Afkham

2014-12-17, Gothenburg Concert Hall, Sweden

Publisher: Gehrmans




Höstsång (Autumn Song) (2003) for barytone and orchestra - 3*3*3*3* 4331 12 1 str (14 min.) 

Text: Håkan Sandell, from the poetry collection "Sjungande huvud" (1996). Language: Swedish

Commissioned by the Royal Academic Orchestra and Stefan Karpe.

Dedicated to Marcus Jupither, Stefan Karpe and the Royal Academic Orchestra.

First performed by Marcus Jupither and the Royal Academic Orchestra, cond. Stefan Karpe

2003-10-11 University auditorium, Uppsala

Publisher: Swedish Music Information Centre

Photo: Mats Bäcker

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