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Photo: Mats Bäcker

Brass Ensemble



Symphonies for Brass (2005) - 4 trumpets, horn, 4 trombones, tuba (20 min.)

Commissioned by GotlandsMusiken. 

Dedicated to Brass Cats (Brass of GotlandsMusiken and Musik i Dalarna)

First performed by Brass Cats, cond. Mats Larsson Gothe 2006-05-07 Martebo Church, Gotland, Sweden

Publisher: Swedish Music Information Centre






Variations on a theme by Anders Hillborg (1993) - 5 trumpets, flugel horn, 3 horns, 4 trombones, 3 tubas and percussion (1 player) (14 min.)

Commissioned by Musik i Uppland, Musik i Västmanland, Kultur i Sörmland and Concerts Sweden.

First performed by Mälarens Megabrass, cond. Joakim Gustavsson 1993-11-03 Pingstkyrkan, Uppsala, Sweden

Publisher: Swedish Music Information Centre





Touche (1991) - brass band (3 min.)

Commissioned by Nynäshamns Brass Band. Dedicated to Nynäshamns Brass Band.

First performed by Nynäshamns Brass Band, cond. Mats Larsson Gothe 1991-11-23 Nynäshamn   

Publisher: WindTone Edition





Laudes (1990) - brass band (6,5 min.)

Commissioned by Svenska Missionskyrkans Musikkårer.

First performed by Massed Band, cond. Mats Larsson Gothe 1990-06-04 SMMs Stora Blåsarträff, Västerås

Publisher: SMM-Music

Recorded on FACD 015 







There's a wideness in Lord's mercy (1988) - brass band (6 min.)

First performed by Immanuel Brass Band, dir. Mats Larsson Gothe 1988-12-11 Korskyrkan,


Publisher: WindTone Edition

Recorded on BKCD003

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